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Club Ethos

Our aim is to have fun with photography. We have a range of members in terms of age and ability and we welcome newcomers at any time.


For the 2023-24 season we continue holding most of our meetings on Zoom, with monthly in-person events and two in-person Print competitions. As with our in-person meetings, visitors are welcome.  You might like to join us for a night to decide if you’d like to join the club, or you might wish to join us for a meeting where we have a special speaker from outside the club.

September meetings are free of charge.
October onward meetings with external speakers will incur £5 charge.

Please check our programme for details of upcoming speakers and to buy tickets, which are generally available via Eventbrite. If you encounter any problems with tickets or if you'd like to join us, please contact our Club Secretary for details.

Please note that if you then decide to become a full member of the club for the season, a proportion of this £5 will be taken off the price of your membership for the year.

Club Activities

Talks, workshops and education

  • From a mix of members and external speakers

  • Travel and events photography

  • Tips and techniques

  • Editing software

  • Practical workshops

Regular themed competitions

  • To encourage you to get out and about with your camera

  • Different themes to encourage you to look at different subjects

  • Learn from the judge's feedback of your work and that of others

  • Enjoy seeing the images created by other club members

Social events

  • Christmas party

  • End of year dinner and trophy presentation

  • Ad hoc events throughout the summer



Virtual meetings via Zoom and in-person meetings at Foresters Hall on Monday evenings at 7.30 from September to April (check programme for details and exceptions)

Subscriptions 2023 - 2024



£5 per evening
(part to be refunded
if you become a member)

Annual subscription:

(with approximately 31 evenings
per season this represents good value)
Adult (over 18): £50
Junior (14 - 18): £17.50

Committee 2024 - 2025

Chair: Phil Kemp

Secretary: Lesley Adams

Treasurer: Astrid van Maanen

Competition Secretary: Mike Conley

Programme Secretary: Kim Benson

Judges Secretary: Ric Gillams

Members Reps: Julie Noble & Paul Press

External Competitions: Terry Pollard

Website: Mike Conley

The Club


Founded in April 1961, Kidlington Camera Club currently has over 20 members with a wide range of ages, backgrounds and interests. We aim to encourage involvement and enjoyment of all forms of still photography in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere and are always pleased to welcome visitors and new members. 

Cameras and Media

Members use wide variety of equipment and media, including mobile phones and tablets, and all are welcome.

Digital images for projection (PDI) have the attraction of being considerably cheaper to produce than prints, but it is hoped that plenty of prints will be forthcoming to ensure a good supply of material for our exhibitions. Whether you print at home or use a commercial processor, it makes no difference how your photographs are produced as all methods are valid as long as the resulting image is your own work. 

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