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# and date in green denotes latest submission date for competition entries for the next week

Dates in parentheses () indicate non-KCCPG events

Meetings available via Eventbrite are followed by an [EB] link; click the link for info.

September 05





# October 03





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November 07

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December 05




# January 02



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February 06


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March 06

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April 03


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Club social: The Jolly Boatman, 19.30.

Introduction and welcome; social and show & tell

Bank holiday: funeral of HM Queen Elizabeth II.

'A Print Retrospective: 50 Years of CC & Ps Photography' with KCCPG member Terry Pollard. (In person at Foresters Hall.)

'Developing Yourself as a Photographer' with Steven Galvin LRPS [EB]

Reminder: submit Summer Competition Entries

Summer Competition: 'Open' (judge Colin Southgate)

'Storytelling for Photographers' with J P Stones [EB]

'Scotland Behind the Lens' with Stephen Ball [EB]

CACC Rosebowl Round 1 (hosted by Amersham Photographic Society)

Reminder: submit Autumn Competition Entries

Autumn Competition: 'Landscape/Seascape' and 'History/Culture'

(judge Martin Litchfield)

'The Inner Landscape' with Andy Phillips [EB]

Reminder: submit Print Competition image files (bring prints on 21 November)

Print Competition: 'Open' (colour and monochrome) (judge John Tilsley),

in person at Forester's Hall.

Reminder: submit Three on a Theme Competition Entries

Three on a Theme Competition: 'Open' (judge Steve Myall)

CACC Rosebowl Round 2 (hosted by KCC Photo Group)

'Street and Architecture' with Ian Howard

Club social: Christmas party

Christmas: no meeting

New Year: no meeting
Reminder: submit Take 3 Competition Entries

Take 3 Competition: 'Open'

'Starting with a Blank Canvas' with Polina Plotnikova [EB]

'Photographing Wiltshire' with Robert Harvey [EB]

Reminder: submit Winter Competition Entries

Winter Competition: 'Frame It' and 'Open' (judge Ken Scott)


'Passion for Wildlife' with Kevin Pigney ARPS DPAGB ASINWP [EB]

KCCPG Show & Tell with Mike Conley, Alana Davies, Edward Bradley, and Geoff Ayres.

KCCPG Member's Talk: 'Travels with Two Three Four Cameras (plus technique tips)' with Kim Benson

Reminder: submit Spring Competition Entries

Spring Competition: 'Seasons' and 'Portraits' (judge Pauline Martindale)

'A Learning Curve' with Justin Minns [EB]

'Photographing Insects and a Journey Towards an RPS Fellowship'

with Andrew McCarthy [EB]

Reminder: submit Monochrome PDI of the Year Entries

Monochrome PDI of the Year Competition: 'Open' (judge Gareth Martin)

In person workshop at Forester's Hall

'Working With Textures' with E Jane Lazenby

NOTE: The talk begins at 19.00, rather than the usual 19.30.

Easter: no meeting

Reminder: submit Colour PDI of the Year Competition Entries

Colour PDI of the Year Competition: 'Open' (judge Paul Stanley)

Reminder: submit items to be raised at AGM to KCCPG Secretary

AGM, Trophy Handover, and Social at Forester's Hall

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